Feet to Festivals

Tucker – One of the talented film extras in Feet.

Making a film is like giving birth…then after giving birth your newborn infant is immediately sent off to dozens and dozens of groups of strangers whose job it is to look your baby over, decide whether it is worthy of being seen in public and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Yep, we’re talking about the world of independent film festivals.

Our first baby – Feet – has been officially in distribution to film festivals since January of this year. It’s a long process with a lot of entry fees and months of waiting involved. At this mid-year point of 2017 we do not know when, where or if Feet will be screening at any of our chosen festivals. We’ve grown more patient over these past six months and will most likely need to develop thick skins to endure the inevitable rejection that comes with putting your art out into the world.

But that’s okay 🙂

Because odds are we will get some good news too. And with that good news will come big announcements and parties and travel with friends and the camaraderie with our cast and crew that we enjoy so much. PLUS we’ll be meeting new people at the festivals, both filmmakers and film lovers, and that sounds exciting.

We are so looking forward to having a drink at the bar with everyone after watching Feet on a big screen. Thoughts of those future moments keep us motivated to continue looking for great festivals and sending in those submissions. With any luck, we’ll be  inviting you all to the first screening soon!