Heading Knowhere

Darci Balogh Alishouse

Darci is the eldest and, therefore, always gets to go first on the page.

Having experienced a wide variety of lifestyles, from ranching to downtown living to single motherhood and more, Darci loves the concept of facing fears and reinventing oneself. She has worked on a hot air balloon crew, ran props at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and raised and shown llamas. A bit of a freak about Jane Austen, she hopes to one day spend an entire year on the shores of a quiet lake capturing the seasons in Monet style paintings on a portable, vintage French easel while listening to the audio version of “Pride and Prejudice”.

Darci holds a BFA in Writing and Directing for Film and Television, has worked on several award winning documentaries and music videos, and is the author of the Cougar Romance Series and the soon to be released sci-fi adventure novel, “The Purist”. Darci’s filmmaking role at Knowhere Media is usually as Writer/Director/Producer...sometimes Craft Services... depends on the budget.

Terri Balogh

Terri’s favorite Shakespeare quotes is “Though this is madness, yet there is method in’t.” and this, really, says a lot about her.

Her sheer trust in her creative intuition is a trait that at times can make her seem a bit bull headed and perhaps a little crazy to the casual observer. It is this very quality that has led her to explore the world and the art forms she is attracted to successfully. She loves both traditional art, as well as new technology and film and is comfortable taking on whatever creative tools and techniques a project requires.

With an interest in mythology, history and art, a “lets do this thing” attitude, and an adventurous spirit she often takes on the role of the Creative Director or Director of Photography. In general though she is the instigator of Knowhere Medias independent creative mayhem and, in all honesty, you never know where that might lead. Though she has hinted that at some point it may require her to learn horseback archery, which may sound mad, but trust us, there is method in't.