Can you lose yourself in a book? Do you fall into another world - an ancient land, a modern day whirlwind romance or a rustic western - and let the stories speak to you? Yeah, we do too.

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Movies. What can be said about movies? They are called celluloid dreams, therapy, fountains of thought, escape and inspiration. The ultimate collaborative art project. We love them. We make them. 'Nuff said.

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Heading Knowhere
There's two of us at the helm...and we're sisters. Yep, we've been making up stories together for many decades in that special almost-creepy-semi-psychic way that siblings often have together. Artists, filmmakers, authors, besties...

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Independent Storytelling

Knowhere Media is an independent publishing and production company that was built out of a desire to create and promote meaningful and entertaining works that are free of large corporate and commercial agendas. We see storytelling as an important piece of a vibrant society, recognize the need to support artistic expression, and treasure the originality of artists, authors and filmmakers.

There is a piece of every person's soul that longs to hear a good story. You relate to a good story. You connect to others through stories. You learn from them. You share a common experience when you share a story. They make you laugh, cry, think and can even inspire you to make great changes in your life if you let them.

At least, that's what good stories have always done for us.

You see, this is where we get personal, Knowhere Media is a sister run company and the art of storytelling is a long time family tradition. We hold a belief in our family that our Hungarian ancestry somehow connects us to an ancient line of nomadic storytellers, musicians and artists. While we can't prove that it's 100% true or simply a family myth that circulates in our conversations, it is something that resonates deep in our hearts. We like the wildness associated with our nomadic blood, the freedom and the general "stick it to the man" attitude that comes with it. We also like the idea of singing, dancing and telling stories around the campfire. Generation after generation passing them down, always with love, humor and mystery. Always with truth.

That's what we do here. We tell our truth through stories.

Welcome to our campfire.