Light, emotion, costumes, production design, music, sound effects, movement, framing, editing, everything about film is the ultimate cornucopia of artistic expression.

With full appreciation for all genres and production styles, our particular focus of interest is independent film. The freedom to tell a story without the infringement of “suits” (studio executives or marketing departments) is a wonderful freedom indeed. Our excitement for sticking to the artistic side of film seems to attract some of the most talented and enthusiastic cast, crew and supporters to our projects and for that we are eternally grateful.

Knowhere Media’s flagship feature project is an eclectic comedy titled “Feet”. Lovingly referred to during production as a “quirky old guy buddy flick”, it’s definitely one of a kind and we hope to see it screening in festivals in 2017. You can find out more about “Feet” here.


Scene from the movie “Feet” by Knowhere Media.

Future projects will be broad in subject matter and, hopefully, as entertaining for an audience to watch as they are for us to create.