Out of Knowhere: A Blog About Our Blog

This is our blog. It’s called, Out of Knowhere. We thought this was a catchy name and knew that we needed to have some place to put news, articles, thoughts, release information, etc. on our website. Also, websites are just supposed to have blogs and we, as artists, are supposed to have something to say…so…here it is.

With any luck, we’ll be posting a lot of exciting news about the success of Knowhere Media books and films AND the resulting celebratory parties, making everyone we know jealous beyond belief.

However, we have a lot of other ideas for this blog that have nothing to do with luck or making people jealous. They have more to do with the vast number of talented indie artists that we know and love who don’t get the kind of recognition on the interweb that they deserve.

So, Gentle Reader (yep, you get a pet name), this blog post is to let you know that our blog will…someday very soon…we hope to get it going sooner rather than later…start highlighting the hard working, free spirited, creative individuals who inspire us.

Boom. First blog post complete.