Sunroom Film Fest

A roaming film festival that plays at random intervals and places in Colorado and, with any luck, will one day play in beautiful and exotic locations around the world. Years separate one Sunroom Film Festival from the next, giving us a chance to pick movies that are made by people we’ve been lucky enough to meet in our film experiences. Sunroom shows movies from filmmakers whom we like and respect both personally and professionally…that’s our one and only rule for choosing the line up. It makes for some great film viewing and some pretty fun parties, too.

There have been 3 Sunrooms, and there are bound to be countless more, because we love coming across an amazing indie film that was made with next to no money by people who struggled to pull it all together and really did a bang up job. When we find one of these gems, we add it to the list of movies we want to show at the next Sunroom and, after a while, we have enough movies to put on a festival worth throwing.

The next Sunroom is not booked yet. For now, we’ll update this page and the Sunroom site when #4 is on the way…thanks for checking it out in the meantime!


Sunroom Film Festival #3 in 2013